Drivers License in Nigeria, You need one!

 Getting a driver's license in Nigeria just like any other government document is a whole new level of headaches! So don't fall for those fake values and information usually circulated through their media, it's more than that!

Here at EasyAutoReg, we want to hand you some information that might help you along the way;

1. It is not free, be ready to pay: Well despite how they try to say it is through official channels, it isn't.  There are official costs and also back-end costs attached to it. In obtaining a driver's license, you should be ready to pay the stipulated fees of N6,350 at the bank (official). If you have to consider the amount of money you will need to pay before getting to the FRSC office (and settling officials) your bills will be increased. Paying this amount is not the end of the process though, you will attach the acknowledgment slip which contains the transaction number and payment details to the documents you will be submitting at their office for your license to be processed. 

2. You need to have 'long legs': I'm sure you already know this by now, getting a legal document from any government-owned office is no joke. You need to know someone who knows somebody that can help you pull the right strings(i.e you have to grease hands). If you don't know anyone who can help you make the process faster and easier, you may end up being utterly frustrated with their process of 'come today, come tomorrow', the server is down!. Usually, an insider will put you through the pros and cons of the process. Also, you can apply for your driver's license through the driving school through which you learned how to drive. 

3. Be prepared to take a driving test: Do not assume you will walk into the FRSC office and get your license without any assessment. You will be asked to take a driving test on a large field to confirm that you can actually drive. I guess this is to ensure crazy drivers are off our roads.

4. You will get a temporary license: For now what you are going to get is a temporary license which is only valid for 60days, after which, you will be given the permanent card. Going through the processes can be very exhilarating but is it worth it?! Definitely Yes, as you will be free from V.I.O, FRSC & Police Force for the time being. You will be renewing every three(3) years if its a new card and every five(5) years if it's an old card.

We hope we have been able to arm you with some very needed information, Nonetheless please remember;

Don't Drive & Drink,

Don't Overspeed,

Stay Safe!


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